Welcome to the download page for the BookWise database app.  At last, we think we have created the first stable version of this tasteful software.  What ever these tips on the descriptions of the software we have available, we always want the actual result of reliable software for our users.  This is our December update.  The new version of BookWise represents some substantial improvements and bug fixes, which need less in the way of bench mark tests and beta-testing and can be used straight away as a significant alternative for any book database.  It is recommended for small to medium size book collections, and in theory the number of records in your own database is virtually limitless.  If you are doing your own research into book database software, it should be noted that the first phase after installing your software solution will be the data entry phase.

As this uploaded page is relatively new, and you are amongst the first to consider this opportunity, you are welcome to submit any feedback or suggestions.

The story of how this software came to be is different to the story about the 'Optimist' A I software ( also programmed by Jason Romanenko ).  One of the core procedures was coded remotely and made an almost sublime difference in the user experience.  Since then with the PC always within reach, it was realised that there could be improvements and we want the users to enjoy the benefits of using this software without trade offs as many of you will have other additional purposes for your machine.  I can certainly say that I have been able to maintain my own small database of the books on my own shelves, and in fact this was essential as the best way to test the software is to actually use it yourself. 

You could actually download this software and enter 300 or more titles ( which would take a few hours of data entry work ).  What you would be left with on your windows machine is like a deluxe accessibility of each and every book record.  You can search, edit, append, and view any book record that you can remember or partially remember.  In terms of simplicity and convenience, not to mention originality, this software app comprises all the tools you need to create, maintain and update your own book database, particularly with the automatic search criteria enhancements.  To download, just hit the top red and black button above.

System Requirements

Although in theory this software installation can be run on Windows XP and any subsequent Windows version, we do recommend using Windows 10 as the older Windows versions might require additional administration tasks for satisfactory installation.  If you are using Windows 10 this app should run fine with any specification (e.g. 32 bit / 64 bit / Ram 1GB and above / 50 mb hard disk space / mouse optional ).  During installation it is suggested to select 'typical' when prompted in the installation dialogue.

BookWise Database Software App
Windows freeware (for desktops and laptops)
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