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Long term support plan
Hopefully by now, we have established this book database software, which is particularly suited to book collectors just beginning to get organised.  The next phase of development with this software app is going to focus on stock numbers.  We will have to cover every conceivable angle and it is expected to take a considerable amount of time.  There is scope for several discrete chunks of code, and in particular we are expecting to have the ability to migrate the actual database file into a new file with the addition of the stock numbers.  Of course the aim will be to make all this new functionality as intuitive as possible and to make sure the changes will benefit each and every BookWise user.  These stock codes could very well be less ambiguous than the ISBN numbers, moreover they could become a welcome addition, particularly as they could include specific details not covered in other database software, and which is not available in the ISBN number.

To be clear, we could use an algorithm to generate the stock codes.  We will need to identify identical books and also to recognise the difference if say, one of the books is in 'good' condition and the other is in 'used' condition.  We might also need to check the identical nature of the records with the user to make sure the database file contains the correct data.  If the algorithm gets done correctly, everything else will fall into place.  At this stage I am looking forward to completing the pseudo-code for these updates.

Additionally, with efficient execution, the user could still choose whether they want the stock codes or not.  Or perhaps we'll have the option to hide/display the stock code as required by the user.  However, it is still in the user's prerogative to create their own stock codes and record into the isbn field.  There is no reason why the end user can't use the isbn number and perhaps have their own meaningful algorithm or one or two extra character digits that could correspond and help organise their collection.  So, with the latest version available now, we are more confident in the functionality and stability of the BookWise software app.
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