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Welcome to the BookWise and DvdWise download page.  Both of these software applications are Windows compatible database administration tools with which you can organise a small or large collection, be they books or DVDs and video disks. Collecting books, and DVDs for that matter, is recommended to anyone and everyone, particularly those who are strong readers.  Knowing the content of your collection obviously implies that you are, in fact a good reader, however having an overview such as in these database applications, gives you more control, leaving you more free to organise your collection and let it accumulate and grow in the most appropriate way.  The proper entry level for collectors could be considered 100 units, although there is nothing to stop anyone with smaller collections from taking advantage of this offer.  After your download and successful installation is the data entry phase.  Time spent entering the data meticulously is time well spent.  If you are buying a book or DVD online, you can check first whether you already have that item without searching your shelves, and make your buying decisions accordingly.  You can also include e-books in your database using the book type field.  So, for an efficient, colourful, and reliable solution, download and install today.  On installation please select typical with the setup type dialogue. It’s absolutely free !

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