BookWise version 1.02a
Windows Freeware Database Application
Welcome to this download page for our Windows book database freeware software application.  I haven't a clue how to introduce this to you, suffice it to say that I use this software myself, and generally I have found it to be quite reliable.  Additionally, it really is still a nice feeling to have done some data entry using this software and right now I am only on about 200 entries in my custom database (created using this app).  It's a huge benefit to be able to conduct very specific searches for any particular book, and the actual search criteria I have used includes author's name, book titles, subject, and publishing date.  It is also possible to list books in sequential order in batches of twenty.  The App comes with context sensitive help and once you are familiar with the procedures, it becomes more intuitive, and although it is not aimed at larger book collections, the software can also handle well in those scenarios. 

You could actually download this software and enter 300 or more titles ( which would take a few hours of data entry work ).  What you would be left with on your windows machine is like a deluxe accessibility of each and every book record.  You can search, edit, append, and view any book record that you can remember or partially remember.  In terms of simplicity and convenience, not to mention originality, this software app comprises all the tools you need to create, maintain and update your own book database, particularly with the automatic search criteria enhancements.  To download, just hit the red button.

System Requirements

This software installation can be installed on Windows XP and any subsequent Windows version, although we do recommend using Windows 10 as there is the possibility of additional administration tasks for satisfactory installation.  If you are using Windows 10 this app should run fine with any specification (e.g. 32 bit / 64 bit / Ram 1GB and above / 50 mb hard disk space / mouse optional ).
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