Well then, here we are attempting to establish a foothold on our next movie making project.  At this stage there is no movie script, no actors, and not really any usable footage.  So this small piece of news will hopefully grow and increase until such time that this third effort is complete.  This is similar to the way our second movie began and it's tentative relationship with reality became more substantial until two years later when it was completed.  That movie was eventually called, 'Fable of the Listening Alien'.  If anyone really wants that film, you are welcome to make me a bid, not least because of the subliminal coca cola advert we tried to negotiate, and I could supply it to you in any required format.  As for this next project, it is not yet clear in which direction to proceed, however once the ball is rolling, the media resources can hopefully be accumulated with increasing efficiency until our shared vision is accomplished.  So, if you're lucky enough to know Jason R and you're local for some time, there's every chance of performing a role together with receiving a credit in the final movie.  And without being too vague, the film genre is likely to be science fiction or fantasy, and in this case we say 'or' as inclusive for this entire / singular project.
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