Matching Pairs
The original memory game with playing cards : Windows PC Version
Welcome to this free download page which features a simple time honoured game that some may remember.  The aim of the game is to turn the cards over and if you can remember the precise location of a matched card, then you could click on that one to remove the pair.  You do this until the table is clear.  We hope you find this handy installation file useful.  Please take note of the installation requirements below.  During installation to your windows machine, when prompted, it is recommended to use the default installation folder for the most satisfactory results.  If you have any comments or suggestions, we'd like to hear from you.  At this stage this software is packaged and simplified in the most expedient way, however I was thinking of including a control to set the amount of time a revealed card is shown for.  It could be anything up to two seconds, or as low as a fraction of a second.  This idea doesn't change the potential competitiveness between players, and the rules would be the same.  It would be a subtle difference that could make the game more interesting.  If you do think it's a good idea, perhaps you could also tell me what to call it ?  The cassette machines used to have a 'bias' control, however I am looking for a more appropriate word, and somehow, 'telemetry' and 'latency' are not suited.  So, this game is absolutely free to all windows users.  Just hit the red button to download : XP / vista / win 7 / win 8 / win 8.1 / win 10 etc.
Installation Requirements : Windows compatible XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 8.1 / Win 10 / 32 or 64 bit.  17 megabits disk space / Optional Audio / a modest 75MB of Ram disk space
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