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At last we have a stable version of our Top Trumps Cars ( card game ).  If you just want to download and install this free game, compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 etc. 32 or 64 bit, just scroll down and hit the download button.  On the left is the setup for our first stable installation with just the pure game.  Everyone wants to win at computer games, so our original version 2.0 installer is the unaltered code and plays just fine.  The version 2.1 includes challenging trivia questions and audio jingles to make the game more interesting.  We recommend version 2.1.  However the story of how this software came to be is full of perseverance and some difficult lessons which have shaped some of our business processes here at yodhar.  Unexpectedly the code for this game is on the whole a few steps further than intermediate coding and many of the bugs we fixed were not in the manual.  Now, although it's a one player game, competitive play is simple as it has a high score table for every level.  And please note, as with all our Windows software installations, if you don't like it for any reason, it can be completely uninstalled using the standard Windows procedure.  Additionally, as a game can sometimes last more than ten minutes, if you want to quit in the middle of a game, you can use the key combination 'Q' followed by the return key.

I could give a few more tips how to play and win at this game, however as a simple game we think it's more about taste.  As the software engineer of this game I have had many hours of play, and despite this I am currently quite unaware of its appeal in terms of demographics.  I can however remember playing  the standard top trumps card game while I was at secondary school.  There were several interesting topics covered including certain sports related games.  So, if you use a Windows machine for work or at home, this risk free game installation could be just what you are looking for at lunch time, and since it is just a card game variant, you won't feel disorientated whilst playing.

So, this effort is aimed at keeping the fun in the modern computing.  For example I can remember in the nineties my favourite games were Tetris and Minesweeper.  One day I cleared ten mines in the beginners minesweeper in just 1.7 seconds.  If that's the sort of excitement you like, then perhaps our matching pairs card game is more your cup of tea.  Something strange happens when the code is perfected in games like this, and we're just starting to learn how to make an aesthetically pleasing online hi score table.  Still, as the time is valuable, we are starting to sort out the well suited assignments.
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