Optimist Standard Benchmark Testing
These pages feature ten standard optimist performance indicators using the names 'John Doe' and 'Jane Doe'.  This data is intended to bring to light the unbiased nature and establish the accuracy of the Optimist A I with a mixture of fact and fiction purely to measure the response it provides.  Everything is measured and nothing is left to chance.  You can check precisely what the responses were for these test scenarios.  For simplicity there are an equal number of data specimens and responses.  We are looking to see how Optimist copes with different names, specifically male or female, and to check what sort of meaningful data is received.  In addition we would like to encourage further reading on the subject of artificial intelligence.  You may want to read the Optimist User Guide which explores some of the science and theory behind the Optimist app.  In relation to these data sets, the contexts of the responses are generated from within the code.  Both data sets were created using the same mode from the Optimist menu.  The audio guides are personal and make no difference to input or output from the app.  Our ten standard specimens for John Doe and Jane Doe are as follows :

1.                              sad
2.                              happy
3.                              very sad
4.                              very happy
5.                              too sad
6.                              delighted
7.                              miserable
8.                              under the weather
9.                              cool
10.                            this is cool

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