Optimist Artificial Intelligence Software App
Windows Compatible Freeware Software Application
Desktops and Laptops recommended
Welcome to this overview page where we'll provide a brief introduction
and all the resources you'll need in order to become familiar with this remarkable software app.  This Optimist software gives you all the tools to perform your own mental health review exercises.  You have the opportunity to read the supporting literature and become more informed about certain Artificial Intelligence strategies as well as the science and logical function behind them.  With persisting availability our current proto-truth can establish the most concise description for the way you are feeling.  At this time, everybody has huge potential to use any specific optimistic adjective over and above the default human tendencies.  And if you're happy with consistently feeling, 'fine thanks', that's okay too.  Optimist gives you unlimited opportunities to broaden your perspective, and with all due respect it can show you interesting alternatives that you can build into your own vocabulary.  It's really just a very good way of perhaps finding out a new adjective that you can safely use in any situation.

Optimist is not intended as a Multi Agent Artificial Intelligence, and it does not employ much in the way of pattern recognition or machine learning, nor is it a chatbot.  It is quite simply, a dynamic cybernetic system.  The only difference is that all this is accomplished using only the (English) word.  So, whether you have any computing expertise or not, it is recommended to read the specifics about this software, and in all honesty we suggest you find time to read the literature available from the menu on this page.  Those of you using an android tablet for the reading are well placed to gain some useful insights,  however this app is aimed at Windows 10 users.  We are at an interim stage for other types of installation, however we're working on it.  Additionally, we have decided to make this software a freeware app, which means you can use it (ad infinitum) without having to pay.  We hope you find all this information handy and we also look forward to establishing more meaningful relationships.
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